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Short-Term Rehab

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Center provides rehabilitation services that are composed of highly skilled and experienced therapists, that are on staff 7 days a week.   The Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Pathology departments are staffed with employees of the facility, so they are part of the interdisciplinary team, and will work with nursing and social service to design a personalized treatment program.  They will, in collaboration with the team, focus on reaching the highest level of functional independence, and well-being. 


Comprehensive family/patient teaching and home evaluations are provided to maximize the transition, and reintegration back into the community.  We provide I.V antibiotic, IV hydration, IV Lasix treatment and extensive wound care including wound vac treatment.


We provide short-term rehabilitation for various diagnosis that includes and not limited to; orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, neuro.  We use many geriatric enhanced modalities such as electrical stimulation, short wave Diathermy, TENS, PENS.

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