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Long Term Care

Respite Stays


Respite care provides short-term breaks that can relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life. Even if working with family members or friends is difficult, there are many other respite care options and strategies that can ensure you get the help you need to restore your energy reserves and better fulfill your role as caregiver to your loved one.


Long-Term Care at Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing provides 24-hour medical and support services for seniors. Those with chronic conditions or a prolonged illness will also be cared for with the utmost care.  Our staff is devoted to the creation of a comforting environment, and focused on helping each person to achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life. 


Our long-term care encompasses a program that treats the whole person, and that which goes along with the aging processes.  We are constantly educating our nursing, and entire staff to be the best, and treating the whole mind and body.









We know that this is a difficult time for patients' and their loved ones, so we offer additional support through hospice care through our third party providers.  We support our residents and their rights to make decisions about their care.  The enhanced physical, emotional and spiritual support, comfort those that are suffering from illness.


If a resident should need end-of-life care while at Meadow Green, you can be assured that, if requested, our staff will work with residents and family to set up an environment that promotes quality of life with respect and dignity.  A hospice team, in addition to Meadow Green staff, will provide professionals and volunteers to help residents end-of-life choices as well as direct care and support for the patient and family.



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