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Long-Term Care at Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing provides 24-hour medical and support services for seniors. Those with chronic conditions or a prolonged illness will also be cared for with the utmost care.  Our staff is devoted to the creation of a comforting environment, and focused on helping each person to achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life.

Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Center provides rehabilitation services that are composed of highly skilled and experienced therapists, that are on staff 7 days a week.   The Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Pathology departments are staffed with employees of the facility, so they are part of the interdisciplinary team, and will work with nursing and social service to design a personalized treatment program.

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Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is JCAHO-Accredited
(Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and is also an AHCA (American Health Care Association) Bronze Star Award recipient and a member of the American Healthcare Association) and the Massachusetts Senior Care Association (MSCA).

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A stimulating and creative activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents at Meadow Green. Activities are not just about bingo and watching television.

The health and well-being benefits of a good program are a tribute to our caring staff! Sharing a few photos here of some of our ongoing activities and entertainers….Holly Summers, Joey B-Bop….Steve Gintz……and Mandee’s Arts and Crafts.

We also celebrated this week as part of National Skilled Nursing Care Week in showing appreciation for our staff who make EVERY day count for EVERY resident! THANK YOU ALL!



Serving Waltham, Watertown, Newton and surrounding towns, Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers a variety of care options, including short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.


Owned and operated by the trusted Anthony Franchi Family, which operates a network of nursing home and assisted living facilities in the Eastern Massachusetts, Meadow Green Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers first-rate nursing, therapy and comprehensive services to promote the highest quality of life for each of its valued patients.


Whether you are looking for short-term rehabilitation to recuperate from a surgery, and want to get home right away, or you are looking for your loved one that has experienced a loss of mobility, incontinence, needs a social environment, or requires the safety of a secured unit, etc., it might be time to visit Meadow Green.

Our dedicated and and caring staff are able to care for your loved one, no matter what the situation may be.


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